Monday, 11 March 2019

Wali Ya Nabi Ke Haq Mein Ghulu Karna Kesa Hai?

Younus AlGohar answers a question from a viewer who asked Younus AlGohar's opinion on when people exaggerate the ranks of saints.


- This path begins with the Spiritual Heart and ends with the Subtlety of Ana and witnessing the divine splendour.  A law is required in order for you to be able to walk on this path without any hurdles or thieves trying to steal the treasure of your faith; therefore, it is necessary for Tariqat to be accompanied by Sharia. Sharia is the law and Tariqat is the path.

- Whether it is a Fakir, a Saint, a Prophet or a Messenger who is granted a rank by God, you can only make mention of what and how much God has granted them.

- Two men came to Abu Bakr Shibly to pledge allegiance to him. He told them to recite, ‘La Ilaha Ilallah Shibly Rasool Allah.' One of the men refused and left. Then Abu Bakr Shibly turned to the remaining man and told him to repent and recite the correct Motto of Faith. There have been a few incidents like this - whereby certain individuals with verified sainthood would mention Mottos of Faith with their names in order to get rid of the hell-bound people. However, what Abu Bakr Shibly caused confusion; it was a delicate matter that should have been handled another way. Because now the pseudo-Sufis can imitate him and make their disciples recite Mottos of Faith with their names. I personally think that Abu Bakr Shibly should not have done this.

- Everything HDE Gohar Shahi does is in accordance with Sharia. In the past, saints would get disciples to dance, build and tear down walls, play sport, etc. in order to get their heartbeats risen for invocation of God’s name. However, HDE Gohar Shahi told people the method which was part of the Customs of Prophet Mohammad: to sit in a circle and engage in the loud invocation of God’s name.

- The stage of Sukr refers to a spiritual state when you are under the divine theophanies and spiritually intoxicated. The Koran 4:43 says not to perform Salat in a state of intoxication - this refers to exoteric and esoteric intoxication. The People of the Bench were also people who would be in a state of Sukr; in Koran 18:28, God told Prophet Mohammad to spend more time with them.


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