Friday, 15 March 2019

Zikar Paas Anfaas Aur Zikar Jahar

Younus AlGohar explains what Dhikr with the Breath was and why it used to be utilised by Spiritual Guides in the past.


- Religiously speaking, Dhikr is a form of worship. But in spirituality, it is a vast field by which different things can be achieved. It is like the difference between home cooking and professional cooking; in this case, Dhikr is like its own professional field.

- There are four parts in Tariqa. The first part is Zakooriyat  (the art of engaging oneself in Dhikr) which is a vast chapter in spirituality. There are 7 subtleties in the human body and they can all be engaged in Dhikr. In addition to this, there are the terrestrial spirits which also can be engaged in Dhikr.

- If the heart is engaged in Dhikr, you are a Devout Believer. But if your Spiritual Guide or God decides to make you a saint, one of your sub-spirits of the heart is taken out. The Qalb-e-Saleem, Qalb-e-Muneeb and Qalb-e-Shaheed all engage in Dhikr.

- The churning of God’s name is the method by which divine energy is produced. Nowadays, we light a fire with matchsticks. But in the past, we would rub flint and steel together to produce a spark. Water splashes to produce hydroelectricity. Similarly, the repetition of God’s name in the heart will produce divine energy.

- The Dhikr with the Breath was initially recommended by many saints of God for their disciples at the beginning of their spiritual journey. The disciples would be engaged in this for quite some time - and the reason for this was that the Guide wanted to keep them engaged in Dhikr while purifying their Lower Selves. It was to make the disciples feel as if they were engaged in Dhikr. When their Lower Selves would be purified, the Spiritual Guide would grant them the Opening of the Spiritual Heart (Dhikr-e-Qalb).

- There is no churning of God’s name with the Dhikr of the Breath. You take 1000 breaths in 1 hour. This is a form of worship. It is not spirituality; it will never revive your Spiritual Heart or other subtleties. This is because breath circulates through the lungs and there is no soul in the lungs.

- There are 3 sub-orders in the Qadri Sufi Order: the Qadri Zahidi, the Qadri Sarwari and the Qadri Muntahi. The Qadri Sarwari are initially told to do Dhikr of the Breath and then later on the Spiritual Guide takes them towards the Opening of the Spiritual Heart. The Qadri Zahidi follow Sharia strictly. The Qadri Muntahi are directly given the Opening of the Spiritual Heart - but this never happened for except when HDE Gohar Shahi gave the Opening of the Spiritual Heart.

- When God’s name enters the heartbeats, the heartbeats are never silent so divine energy will be produced. When God’s name is mentioned 101 times, that is when divine energy begins to be generated. This is why the Dhikr in the heart is the best option; spirituality begins with the Opening of the Spiritual Heart.


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