Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Qalb: Beza e Nasooti


Younus AlGohar explains the stages of the developing Spiritual Heart and why it is sometimes referred to as the Terrestrial Egg (Beza-e-Nasooti).

- The Spiritual Heart (Qalb) is known as the Terrestrial Egg (Beza-e-Nasooti). Before it is revived, it is encased in 180 000 veils of negative energy (Naar) consisting of vices such as lust, jealousy, arrogance and enmity.

’The Arabs say, “We are Devout Believers (Momin).” Say, “Do not say you are Devout Believers; rather say that you have accepted Islam and become Muslim. For faith has not yet entered your hearts.”’ - Koran 49:14

‘God’s name is pure and it does not settle in an impure place.’ - Prophetic Tradition

- You need a Spiritual Guide who can burn away the 180 000 veils on your Spiritual Heart with his spiritual concentration and free it from the grasp of the Devil. Immediately after burning the 180 000 layers, the Spiritual Guide revives the Spiritual Heart and implants the Personal Name of God within it.

- When your Spiritual Heart engages in the invocation of God’s name, you are a Zakir-e-Qalbi and on your way to obtaining The Secured Heart (Qalb-e-Saleem). You reach the stage of the Secured Heart when a sub-spirit of the Spiritual Heart hatches within 3 years of obtaining the Opening of the Spiritual Heart.

‘On that Day, neither your wealth nor sons shall benefit you. He shall be successful who brings with him a Secured Heart.’ - Koran 26:88-89

‘O’ Lord, do not turn our hearts away from you towards the world once you have granted it guidance. And shower your special mercy upon us to save us.’  Koran 3:8

- Before the sub-spirit of the Secured Heart comes out during the period of 3 years, the invocation of God’s name in your heart can be terminated at any time and you will be misguided. Once you reach the Secured Heart, you will not be misguided. After that is the stage of The Heart Turned Towards God (Qalb-e-Muneeb) which is the culmination for a Devout Believer.

- The Witnessing Heart (Qalb-e-Shaheed) is for the saints of God who have seen God. The divine theophanies fall upon the image of God in their Spiritual Heart and their Lower Self.

- It was only His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi who spoke on this matter clearly. Whereas Sufis like Allama Iqbal only mentioned it ambiguously.


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