Sunday, 26 January 2020

Allah Se Humkalami o Ilham Ka Tareeqa

Younus AlGohar answers a viewer's question about how God and the Spiritual Guide communicate with the aspiring Sufi.


- In order for God to speak to you, you have to be able to hear him. To be a worthy recipient, you have to go through certain years of spiritual training.

- If God says something to you, you may receive it as words or as a voice; both things are different. If it is just a conversation, a voice is heard. If God is dispensing wisdom or knowledge, it comes in the form of words.

- Only the enlightened hearts receive messages from God. An enlightened heart is able to recognise whether a message is from God or from the Devil.

- If the message is from the Devil, the divine energy in the heart will delete it the majority of the time. If the evil message is particularly strong, the subtlety besides the heart will delete it. If it is too strong for that subtlety, the Ikhfah (the subtlety linked to the tongue) will eliminate it. If all else fails and the evil message manages to reach the tongue of an enlightened person, the tongue will not utter it.

- If the message received by the heart is from God, then it will increase in intensity as it passes through the subtleties onto the tongue. This is how God speaks through his servants. This is the method of Ilham, Ilqa and Wahi (Divine Revelation).

- The Ikhfah has two functions when it comes to speech: it can either make the tongue speak in a dense voice or it can communicate with its ethereal voice. Saints can communicate with each other without verbalising a word; they simply converse through their Ikhfahs.

- Some special elite of God may even hear God's voice in their ear. If an ordinary spiritual person hears a voice in their ear, it will either be the voice of the Spiritual Guide or Gabriel.

- The Quran 39:22 instructs people who want to follow Islam to enlighten their hearts.

- It is harder for you to receive messages from God than it is for you to send messages to God. When your heart is activated, it remembers God and its voice reaches the Empyrean of God. If you have any thoughts, desires or worries during that time, they will also reach God and God arranges for the angels to help you with your problems.


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