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SC • E21: Nafs Ka Dobara Ghalazat Ki Taraf Jaana

In Lesson 21 of the Elementary Sufi Course, Younus AlGohar discusses how the Lower Selves can revert even after purgation and explains how to reach the stage a stage of purity where reversion is no longer possible: Nafs-e-Mutmaina (The Contented Self).


- In the physical company of the Prophet (saw), the Lower Selves of the Companions were purified. However, when Prophet Mohammad (saw) left this world at the age of 62, that physical company was no longer available. As long as they had the physical company of the Prophet (saw), they never had to work hard or engage in extensive worship to wash away their sins because in his company, their sins would be washed away.

- Only the Companions who had obtained the Activation of the Heart were safe spiritually after the Prophet Mohammad's departure. The level of purity in their Lower Selves that they attained in the company of the Prophet (saw) was not negatively affected as the divine energy in their hearts continued to wash away any sins.

- Many Companions had not obtained Activation of the Spiritual Heart. Their source of divine energy was the physical company of the Prophet (saw). When the Prophet (saw) left the world, their supply of divine energy was terminated. Hence, when they continued to sin, their sins were not washed away as their heart was not producing divine energy. As a result, their Lower Selves, which had reached the stage of Mulhima (The Inspired Self), reverted to Lawammah (The Blameworthy Self) and then back to Ammarah (The Commanding Self).

- When the hearts of certain Companions were completely darkened due to an abundance of sins, they became the rebellious ones who took up the sword against Moula Ali (ra). Yet they had been the Companions who sat in the physical company of the Prophet and had their Lower Selves purified.  This happened because they did not have a supply of divine energy coming from God, as mentioned in Quran 39:22.

- Once the Lower Self reaches the fourth and final stage, Nafs e Mutmaina (The Contented Self), it does not revert. However, this stage is not for the Devout Believers; it is for the saints of God. The Lower Selves of the Companions of the Prophet (saw) were just purified, whereas the People of the Bench (As’hab e Suffa) reached the stage of Nafs e Mutmaina.

According to the Quran 2:257, ‘God chooses his friends from among the Devout Believers. He takes out them out from the darkness and brings them into the light'.

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