Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution - True or False?

Individuals who practise a religion strongly believe that the entire humanity is progeny of one man, the first man: Adam. But in different regions of the world such as the Far East, Africa and America, there are evidences that their first man was different. 

When I say celestial book, it means a collection of divinely revealed word; it is not human word. Celestial books only talk about one Adam. It is quite evident that we are not from one man. For example, someone was born in England and someone else was [also] born in England, but their colours are different because they are progeny of different men.

God created different human species many thousand times. As His Divine Grace Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi reveals, God created 14 000 different Adams - [but] not all at once, one after the other. Human life traces back on Earth for many billion years.

Those individuals who are very academic, who are experts on bibliography, anthropology and other literary fields are so confused; the power of their imagination is so limited. They cannot solve one single problem of Darwin's Theory: that man originates from apes. There is nothing to be confused about because we are living in a multicultural and multi-origin society.

So many people are confused about it: especially educationists, intellectuals, orientalists and commentators on history and spirituality. They are in a debate with themselves and they do not have the answer. However, in the light of the unprecedented revelations made by His Divine Grace Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, we feel very much at ease to say that there are at least 14 000 different species of mankind. 

HDG Gohar Shahi has mentioned in his book that the individuals who showed total disrespect to the doctrine that was presented by Moses and those who were disobedient to Moses, they were cursed. As a result of this curse, the divine wrath turned them into apes. 
HDG said, 'All those who were under the curse, a sudden transformation took place: all those human beings who were disobedient to Moses transformed into apes. However the women who were pregnant, they bore child within them and when they delivered the baby, the baby was not transformed; the baby looked like a man.' This is how some of those historians penned down the recollections heard by many on the grapevine that man evolved from apes.
There was another group of people and they showed great disobedience to a prophet of their time. Again, they were cursed and the divine wrath transformed them from man into wild bear. Another group of people - obviously those who showed disobedience to their prophet - were again cursed and the divine wrath transformed them into donkeys.

The divine wrath fell on the women who were pregnant also, so this transformation took place and even they were turned into apes, wild bears and donkeys; however, the babies inside their womb were [human]. When the babies were delivered, they looked like man. [It was the mothers who] were cursed; the baby did not do anything wrong, this is why God did not let any impact of the wrath fall upon the babies. The babies were innocent. 

Those Adams who were sent into this world, only their souls were sent; their bodies were formed here, with the clay of this world. They were not special. It is very interesting to know that the groups of people, who under the curse of divine wrath, were transformed into apes, donkeys and wild bear from the progenies of Adams were pretty ordinary Adams. They were created in this world with the clay of this world.

But when the last Adam, who was given the title of 'The Eminent One', was conceived in the mind of God, his body was created and carved in paradise. His nature was different. From his progeny, even if somebody was cursed, under this curse they were not transformed into animals. But it doesn’t mean they will remain to be unaffected by the wrath of God; the course of the curse have changed. 

[However] it will not be called evolution. For evolution, it is important that this transfiguration takes place bit by bit. But the baby that was born from the ape was already a man, so this is not evolution. This is a baby being born from the womb of a female ape. The historians should listen to this very carefully. Evolution or transfiguration comes bit by bit, that's why you call it evolution. Evolution doesn't come by all at once. 

His Divine Grace gave a very beautiful example about those who came from apes. Because the apes drink more than they eat, therefore, those who came from apes drink more than they eat. What a solid, concrete evidence.

But then, the glad-tidings from HDG are: no matter what your religion is, whether you came from a donkey or ape, it doesn't really make any difference: only if you have got the key to eminence. The origin of your body may differ from the origin of your soul; however, the key to eminence lies in the enlightenment of your soul. Those who succeeded to enlighten their souls, they are the ones who will thrive; they are the best creation in the universe whether their bodies originate from apes, donkeys or anything else. It really doesn't matter because you have got the key. 

Now the interesting thing is, the day God created Adam the Eminent One, the key of eminence was only handed to Adam; however, now on Earth, even the progeny of those [different] Adams are able to acquire that key to eminence. That day, only Adam was able to acquire that mysterious technique of spirituality; no other Adam or progeny of Adam was offered this gracious, divine bounty. However, today with the utter generosity of HDG Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, the key to eminence is on sale: unprejudiced. unrestricted, unbiased. Without any commitment, without any reservations, and nothing under the table! The key to eminence is dispensed to whoever wishes to have it. No boundaries, no restrictions. All you need is a willing heart. As I many times say, these spiritual sciences are applied sciences of spirituality. 

You can see today that progeny the Eminent Adam, is doing the same which was feared by the angels. They said to God,' You are creating Adam one more time. What for? For mischief, for bloodshed?' Those who are either unaware of this key to eminence or who do not concede the eminence of this key, they are doing what was feared by the angels: mischief and bloodshed. Whether they are Hindus, Christians, Jews or Muslims, those who do not have this key to eminence are involved in mischief and bloodshed: organised butchery of mankind. This is because they failed to understand the secret of eminence.

By introducing this divine technique with the help of which a common man gained eminence over dedicated worshippers like Azazeel (the Devil) and those who remained in really close proximity to God, this man rose in excellence, in eminence. We are dispensing this key to excellence and eminence; those who will acquire and possess this key to eminence will become peace-loving citizens in this world. They will not be involved in any mischief or bloodshed.

So, the answer to the concurrent problems of the world is not a war, is not a weapon. The solution lies in understanding the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love. This is the only solution to the ugly, contemporary problems of the world.

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