Thursday, 4 December 2014

Spiritual Yearning of the West

Spirituality is being sold under many labels and brands in the West. Clairvoyants, psychics, mind readers, palm readers, tarot readers and self-styled seers; all are selling their products labelling it as spirituality.

Clairvoyants call the spirits of the departed souls, serving as a medium; however, hardly anybody knows that it is not the main human soul but it is rather the Self (the Ego) which remains in this world after death.

Psychics, mind readers, palm readers, tarot readers can tell the thoughts of your mind. The question is: does it serve the purpose? You already know the thoughts of your own mind. What’s the point wasting money on such things?

Dear friends, this is not spirituality. Do all the above-mentioned fields satisfy the yearning of your heart and soul? Do you obtain peace of heart and illumination of your soul out of the above-mentioned practices? The contemporary human intellect is so possessed with capitalism that it does not hesitate to sell human conscience either. I have been to many psychic fairs and Mind, Body and Soul Expos; however, I have not seen any of the exhibitors serving humanity with sincere and truthful spiritual and mystical doctrine. Most of them have made a business out of spirituality. It amazes me to see how people settle for fake products of the money-oriented Self-styled spiritualists.
Spirituality is about reviving and strengthening the souls with divine energy, and empowering the souls to access their respective Spiritual Realms. Today, people have money and all the luxuries of life; however, they lack peace of mind and content of the heart. Dear friends, the hearts find content with God’s remembrance.
God’s name generates energy when it is articulated in the beating system of the fleshy heart. The fleshy heart is controlled by a soul, and this soul yearns for divine energy, when it is provided to the soul of the heart, peace is established. God’s name does not enter the heart by any exterior means. Some people repeat God’s name by word of mouth, but it stays on the tongue, and the heart is yet to find its solace. God has appointed Spiritual Universal Masters who possess authority to revive hearts with divine energy and implant God’s name in the heart. There are 7 (Seven) souls in a human body. When all these souls are awakened and revived, one becomes able to access all seven Realms. Messiah Foundation International represents Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi who has established the Goharian Universal Sufi Order to illumine the hearts of humanity. We implant God’s name in hearts of humanity regardless of their religious, racial, ethnical background. We are the mystical institution, serving humanity with true practical doctrine of mysticism. We herald the second coming of Lord Jesus Christ who is anticipated to return any time now. We promote true image of Lord Jesus Christ. God has manifested images of Lord Jesus Christ on the Moon, Mars and many other objects to announce the Return of Jesus Christ. We promote Jesus’ love by virtue of implanting his name in the hearts to generate Jesus’ energy.

Hundreds and thousands of people have experienced the Jesus’ name and energy entering their hearts. Hundreds of people have been able to witness Jesus in person when their hearts were initiated. Hundreds of people have experienced immense divine energy when they were spiritually assisted by our spiritual ministers. The truth speaks for itself.

The truth is priceless, precious and unique; therefore, it cannot be bought and sold. This is God’s gift, and God does not sell anything. Hence, all our services and spiritual teachings, lectures and heart-initiation are free of all charges. Approach one of our spiritual ministers now, and experience the mammoth ocean of divine love and energy for yourself.

Important Note

The original name of Christ is not Jesus. It is the translated version of the original name 'Isa' which is in the celestial language, Suryani. 

Yours in Jesus and love

Rev. Steve Bell

Messiah Foundation International

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