Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Mystical Definition of Love

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi states:

'You begin to love that which has entered your heart.'
Obviously it is not possible to bring God in one’s heart. The mystics use spiritual techniques to familiarise the human heart with God’s light by means of initiating the heart with God’s name. God’s name is implanted in the beating system of the heart. Repetition of God’s name generates divine energy in the heart.

The human heart functions like a pumping station. As God’s name is articulated in the throbs, the divine energy produced therein mingles with blood, and the heart sends the divine energy-oriented blood to all parts of the body to enlighten the entire body. All seven souls are positioned in the bloodstream, the divine energy enlighten and awaken them all. When all the souls are fully enlightened and awakened, the Spiritual Guide escort the soul of the head, Ana of the disciple to the domain of God. The soul of head, Ana is presented in the audience of God, and it enters in personal conversation and meeting with God. As this soul sees God, God’s image is stored in this soul, which later appears in the eyes of the disciple, and this is where the heart absorbs in God’s image from. As soon as God’s image enters the heart, God declares to the disciple, 'You may now go down. Whosoever now sees you, he or she will see me.' In other words, seeing that person is equal to seeing God. The angels are very curious to see such a man; therefore, millions of angels queue up to see the man. This is how God enters the heart of a man. This is the stage of a divine man. And this is the true definition of spiritual love.

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