Monday, 1 August 2016

Kia Hum Bhi Maula Ali Ka Naam Kalmay Mein Shamil Kerte Hain?

Younus AlGohar responds to a viewer-submitted question about whether or not Hazrat Ali’s name is included in the Declaration of Faith.

Main points:

- There are two answers to this question: one is the religious and one is logical. The religious answer is that the Declaration of Faith is an expression of God’s oneness and Prophet Mohammad’s messengerhood. God has granted his messenger many ranks but there is a limit to messengerhood - one cannot progress from messengerhood into the Station of God’s Oneness. Messengerhood is an office that Prophet Mohammad holds and it cannot be shared with others; Hazrat Ali was given the offices of sainthood, Asalat and Imammat in a similar way.

- The relationship between Prophet Mohammad and Ali is a personal relationship that predates Prophet Mohammad’s offices of messengerhood and prophethood, and Hazrat Ali’s offices of sainthood, Asalat and Imammat. It is inaccurate to include Hazrat Ali in the Declaration of Faith in Islam, however it is accurate to say that he is part of Prophet Mohammad. Their souls have a close relationship.

- We should respect and love Hazrat Ali without needing reasons like including his name in the Declaration of Faith; we should love and respect him for him. God said, ‘Ali is my lion.’ This refers to the a divine sub-spirit names Asad (Lion), which has been given to Hazrat Ali. Because of this divine sub-spirit, one who sees Ali actually sees God.

- When the name ‘Ali’ is synchronised with the heartbeats, it produces divine energy. If you want to get connected to Ali, we get in contact with Ali and get his permission to allow his name to enter your heartbeats. He will ask, ‘Is this person a Muslim or someone who wants me?’ If you reply, ‘I am Muslim,’ then Ali will direct you to obtain God’s permission first before attempting to synchronise his name in your heartbeats. As a Muslim, God won’t allow Ali’s name to enter your heartbeats; he will prefer for his own name to enter your heart instead. If someone genuinely wants Ali and Ali says that he allows his name to enter their heartbeats, this is also sanctioned by God.

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