Monday, 8 August 2016

Kiya Deen-e-Islam Apni Miyad Ko Pohanch Chuka Hai?

Younus AlGohar explains how a religion expires and weighs in on the state of Islam in this day and age.

Main points:

- Islam had to be reformed every 100 years, and after 1000 years, a Grand Reformer would come and modify or renew whatever was the need of the time. However in the end times there is a personality, the Awaited One, who will reform all the religions established by prophets and messengers. He is known as the Imam Mehdi, Messiah and Kalki Avatar.

- We’re living in the twilight of the world. All the signs of the era near the end times that are mentioned in Prophetic Traditions have already manifested. One of the signs of the end times is that Islam will become extinct and there will be nothing left in the Quran for except customary recitation. Today, people recite the Quran but it is not effective, as it was in the past when famous Sufis and Companions of the Prophet recited it.

- Everything has an expiry date, even religions. A religion expires when spiritual knowledge within it became extinct. Spiritual knowledge becomes extinct when Saints of God no longer remain in the world. Practically speaking, it has been approximately 400 years since spiritual knowledge became extinct. Today, religion has become an industry and people become religious scholars as a career choice rather than service to God.

- There are many people who have studied at Mihaj ul Quran establishments. When they graduate they consider themselves not just to be religious scholars, but Ulema-e-Haq who are already enlightened. Religious scholars believe themselves to be equal to prophets because they misinterpreted a Tradition of Prophet Mohammad. Therefore, they think they have the rights to luxuries afforded to prophets. It is also said that prophets are innocent by nature; considering themselves to be equal to prophets, religious scholars believe themselves also to be innocent even whilst committing heinous acts. Religious scholars think they are greater than members of the Muslim Nation, therefore they exempt themselves from many things. The beliefs of religious scholars today are proof the religion has been destroyed.

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