Thursday, 13 October 2016

#AskYounusAlGohar | Kashf, Muraqiba Aur Mushaida Ki Tashreeh

Younus AlGohar, at the request of a viewer, gives the comprehensive definitions of Kashf, Muraqiba and Mushaida.

Main points:

- Kashf means to for something hidden to be revealed. It is a spiritual term. There are different types of Kashf. The most common type of Kashf is known as Kashf-e-Nasooti and it is related to the Nafs. It can be very deceptive. In a hybrid car, it is not always clear when the car is running on electricity and when it is running on petrol. Similarly, Kashf-e-Nasooti runs on energy - whether it be divine energy (Noor) or negative energy (Naar). A lot of energy is used in Kashf. When you run out of divine energy, the Kashf will begin to run on negative energy. When you see things through Kashf with negative energy, it is all falsehood. However you can never tell. Therefore, Kashf from God is not permissible for seekers of the spiritual path.

- Kashf-e-Malaqooti is obtained after purification of the heart; it is trustworthy. Kashf-e-Jabrouti is not common; it is available for only the most elite saints. There are 100 stages of Faqr. When your heart is enlightened, that is when you embark on the stages of Faqr. From 1-16 stages, you won’t see anything. You won’t have Kashf. If you did get Kashf, it is satanic. When you enter the 17th stage, then you may see something to strengthen your belief and trust. When you enter the 18th stage, again your spiritual eyes are shut. You won’t get Kashf from God. Then when you finish all 100 stages, then and only then will you get real Kashf.

- There are many subtleties in your body, which are related to different celestial realms. Through spirituality, you awaken those souls, strengthen them with divine energy and make them capable of performing spiritual journey to their respective realms. Muraqiba is when these souls leave our chests and they reach their respective realms.

- Mushaida is simply when you see with your own eyes.

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