Thursday, 20 October 2016

#AskYounusAlGohar | Kiya Hazoor Pak ﷺ‎ Qasim Aur Waris Hain?

Younus AlGohar responds to a viewer who objected to his statement about Prophet Mohammad being appointed to distribute what God grants.

Main points:

- The full Prophetic Tradition referred to mentions that God grants people understanding of the religion. The other part is that God is the one who grants things and Prophet Mohammad is the one who distributes God’s bounty.

- The viewer tried to insinuate that understanding of the religion is given by God directly. However, God is giving understanding of the religion through Prophet Mohammad. If you can prove that God directly gives someone understanding of the religion, then we will say that we are wrong.

- In the Quran it is said that God grants understanding of the religion to the Qalb (heart). Without Shahr-e-Sadr, without awakening and enlightening your Qalb, how will you get understanding of the religion? For Shahr-e-Sadr you need to adopt Prophet Mohammad’s spirituality.

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