Monday, 13 March 2017

Hazrat Abu Talib Ki Asal Azmat

New Video: Hazrat Abu Talib Ki Asal Azmat | by Younus AlGohar

Younus AlGohar answers a question from a viewer who asked, ‘Do you think that Abu Talib, Ali’s father, was a Muslim?’

Main points:

- Islam is granted by Prophet Mohammad. Hazrat Abu Talib did not take anything from Prophet Mohammad. He only gave. He supported Prophet Mohammad from his childhood all the way until the end. His rank would be unlike any Momin’s (true believer), saint’s or prophet’s. 

- Hazrat Abu Talib stood up for Prophet Mohammad and fought for him despite the opposition he faced. God doesn’t accept anyone’s favours; if anyone does a favour upon him God always rewards it. Nevertheless, in Prophet Mohammad’s life, there were two people who were his support: Khadija tul Kubra and Abu Talib. Abu Talib has done a favour upon Prophet Mohammad, and it is God who will return the favour. 

- People take the names of certain individuals, such as Ali, out of greed. Abu Talib, without wanting anything in return, gave his everything for Prophet Mohammad. Abu Talib helped Mohammad, not Mohammad the Messenger of God. 

- When Prophet Mohammad told Abu Talib to recite the Kalima and become a Muslim, he said, ‘No it’s ok.’ This shows that he helped Prophet Mohammad and made the world his enemy not because of Mohammad’s prophethood but because of Mohammad. Abu Talib’s love for Prophet Mohammad is unconditional.

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