Thursday, 20 April 2017

How To Increase Your IQ

The first lesson in Younus AlGohar's comprehensive course on Self-Awareness, Level 2, which revolves around emotional intelligence and its many aspects.

Main points:

- Emotions play a very pivotal role in our lives. They are, oftentimes, a reaction to things. Negative emotions come from the negative source in you. Positive emotions will come from an enlightened heart and a conscious soul.

- In every field of different types of knowledge if spirituality is not present, that knowledge is useless. Psychology is all about human behaviour but it doesn’t tell you the source; it doesn’t tell you how to manoeuvre your emotions.

- Things you experience or see that you consider to be of less importance are stored in your subconscious mind. Things you notice with attention are stored in your conscious mind; these are the things you remember.

- If you pay attention, every piece of information will go into your conscious mind. If you don’t pay attention, it will go into your subconscious mind. As result, your IQ level will go down. The IQ level, when not accompanied by the EQ (emotional quotient) level, is zero. The relation between emotions and intelligence: the ability to identify something is intelligence. To react is emotions.

- When things are incomplete and they transfer themselves from the subconscious mind onto the conscious mind, they create doubts. Your eyes are like spy cameras. Everything is being stored. You want to make sure that everything being stored by your sensory system is not incomplete. Pay attention so that every piece of information is complete. When there is full information, your mind will be healthy.

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