Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Mohammad ﷺ Ke Ghar Faqon Ki Batni Haqeeqat


 Younus AlGohar answers a viewer's question about the living conditions of the household of Prophet Mohammad (saw).

Main Points:

- The word poverty is seen as a bad thing in Pakistan. There are two meanings behind this world. One meaning is being so poor that you cannot afford to eat. And the other meaning is Spiritual.

- Saying that the household of Prophet Mohammad were often reduced to poverty is practically incorrect. There were many thousands of admirers of the Prophet who were ready to sacrifice their lives for him. Would they not offer food to the household of the Prophet?

- Prophet Mohammad kept himself and his household far and away from the reach and temptations of the world so that they may obtain as much Divine Light as possible. They knew that the more they ate the more negative energy the would produce. This is why they were Faqirs.

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