Friday, 28 July 2017

Zikar-e-Qalb Jari Honay Ki Kiya Alamaat Hain?

#AskYounusAlGohar - What are the signs that you have obtained Opening of the Spiritual Heart?

What is Opening of the Spiritual Heart?

Main Points:

⁃There are two signs for the heart opening, one is physical and one is spiritual. The physical sign is that when your heart is echoing with God’s name then, even without exerting yourself, your heartbeats will rise substantially and you will feel your body temperature increase. Whereas, usually, your heartbeats and body temperature only rise when you engage in a physical activity.

⁃Once your obtain Opening of the Spiritual Heart, then it intermittently repeats God’s name 24/7; you will always feel hot and sometimes you might even feel feverish. Your ears and face become hot, these are the physical signs. You will also feel God’s name is being echoed within you.

⁃When the heart is burdened with sins, you feel uneasy, you’re always facing trouble, you are never at peace and there is no inner motivation, however, once the name of God settles In your heart then with the production of Divine Light in your heart the filth of sins begin to wash away and you are relieved of uneasiness. You feel a strange kind of peace and contentment. This is called inner bliss.

⁃Once this happens then your heart will incline you towards good things. Koran: You will not obtain inner bliss from money, power, wealth, women. The pleasure of the heart is in the remembrance of God.

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