Monday, 31 July 2017


HH Younus AlGohar explains the importance, benefits and virtue of Tasswur-e-Murshid (Visualisation of the Divinely Anointed Spiritual Guide)

Main Points:

- The first lesson in Spirituality is for a novice aspirant to become Fana Fee Sheikh (Spiritually Infused with the Spiritual Guide). In order to achieve this the disciple has to maintain visualisation of the Spiritual Guide.

- Spiritual Guides are appointed and anointed by God, therefore, they have Divine Light in them thus visualising the Spiritual Guide grants you Divine Light. When you maintain the visualisation, the Spiritual Guide is immediately notified and directs his attention towards you.

- There are 3 benefits of visualisation of the Spiritual Guide: 1) You obtain Divine Light from the Spiritual Guide. 2) The love for the Spiritual Guide increases in your heart. 3) The sins accumulated on your heart are washed away and this is the greatest virtue.

- Visualisation is more important than engaging in Dhikr (remembrance of God) because with Dhikr alone you have to repeat the name of God 101 times before Divine Light is starts to be generated in the heart, however, visualisation produces Divine Light instantly.

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