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Ghous uz Zaman Aur Hazoor ﷺ Ka Batni Mahekma - Rijaal ul Ghaib

#AskYounusAlGohar - What does the Esoteric Cabinet of Prophet Mohammad (saw) consist of?

Younus AlGohar's detailed description of the Esoteric Cabinet of Prophet Mohammad "Rijaal ul Ghaib - The Hidden Men".

Main Points:

- Prophet Mohammad (saw) created an Esoteric Cabinet for the sake of the salvation of his common followers. This Esoteric Cabinet consists of 360 saints who are sent down in every era; they are not directly connected to God because they are appointed by Prophet Mohammad.

- This Esoteric Cabinet is called Rijaal ul Ghaib which is loosely translated as 'The Hidden Men'; it doesn't mean these people are invisible, rather they are among you but you do not know what their spiritual rank is.

- The head of the Esoteric Cabinet is called 'Ghous' which means Helper. The job of the Ghous is to teach the followers Esoteric Sharia (religious law) which is for the purification of the Carnal Self as this knowledge is not available in any book.

- The Ghous has 3 subordinates called 'Qutub'; their job is to take the pledge of allegiance from the followers on behalf of the Ghous. Then, there are 40 Abdaal who are in charge of calculating the provisions of the entire nation. And then there are 120 Abrar as well, they are also helpers.

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