Friday, 11 August 2017

Namaz Ki Adayegi Aur Us Ka Maqsad

Salat is the command of God, but what is the reason behind this command? What is the actual purpose of Salat? Find out in His Holiness Younus AlGohar’s detailed lecture.

Main Points:

- Spiritual knowledge mentioned in the Koran is actually for the entire humanity, not only for Muslims. Every single person is supposed to follow the Koran and adopt its spiritual teachings into their lives. The subject of the Koran is ‘Insan’ (Mankind); it does not mention which group of human beings.

- Koran: Salat refrains one from committing bad deeds. Therefore, Salat works as a medicine which stops people from immoral, immodest and wrong deeds as it washes away the sins; performing Salat 5 times a day became obligatory upon people. Then why is the world wrought with evil? This is because this knowledge is incomplete.

- Which Salat refrains one from the committance of bad deeds? Salat was made obligatory upon Momineen (enlightened believers). Declaration of the Kalima (declaration of faith) by tongue and verification of the heart: when the Divine Light of the Kalima enters the heart and awakens it, you become a Momin; Salat is made obligatory upon you and thereafter you generate Divine Light in your heart every time you offer Salat. Then, Divine Light stops you from committing bad deeds.

- Although all the different sects in Islam recite the same Koran, they all hold different aspects of the religion as their tenets. Although Salat is obligatory upon all of them, they do not hold the same beliefs. Sadly, they are not aware of the reality of Salat. They understand it is an obligation; they perform it but without the knowledge of why it is an obligation; their Salat does not reach God.

- God does not look at the bodies or the actions thereof, he looks at the heart and the intentions therein. And Salat becomes destruction for those who perform it without the presence of their heart. This is why His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi tells people to become Momin by practical means.

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