Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Gunah Aur Sawab

Younus AlGohar explains how sins and rewards have a practical implication on one's life and how to obtain the reward of reciting the Koran 72 000 times.

Main points:

- According to a Prophetic Tradition, there are two aspects of sin: A record of the sin in the book of deeds and a practical punishment which results in the darkness of the heart. In a similar way, there are rewards. The performance of good deeds are also recorded in the book of deeds and the practical reward for it is Divine Energy.

- If your heart echoes with God's name just once, you will be granted the reward of reciting the Koran 72 000 times, however, this is a specific rank which is obtained after becoming an Enlightened Heart. This does not occur in the early stages of obtaining Opening of the Spiritual Heart. Rather, when Divine Energy reaches your entire bloodstream and then your heart echoes God's name once, the amount of Divine Energy secreted from the body is equivalent to the Divine Energy generated by reciting the Koran 72 000 times.

- One day, Prophet Mohammad said, 'When I entered a cemetery, I saw that the deceased were being tormented which saddened me. But then a crow dropped a bone because of which the torment was stopped. That bone belonged to an Enlightened Heart.'

- If the reward of an Enlightened Heart saying God's name just one time is the Divine Energy of reciting the Koran 72 000 times, one can only imagine the intensity of Divine Energy coming from a heart which echoes with God's name for an hour and a half and it is able to grant salvation to the tormented dead. No matter how much you love a deceased relative, no one can recite the Koran 72 000 times for someone.

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