Monday, 16 April 2018

Shaitan Ka Dhoka! Kesay Bacha Jaye?

In this lecture, Younus AlGohar discusses the spiritual survival guide for the Devil's tricks and deception.

Main points:

- The Devil is aware of every single weakness of yours. He attacks all your weak points whether it is money or family or your ego. You may not even be aware of your weakness but the Devil knows where to hit.

- The Devil said to God, 'I shall misguide all human beings, for except those who are sincere to you, my Lord.' This means that the Devil is after everyone. Even those who have embarked upon the Spiritual Path are in the process of purification of the Spiritual Heart and Carnal Self.

-The Devil leaves no stone unturned in trying to deceive them.
The Devil doesn't have to go to people directly, he recruits his agents,  the Khannas (Evil Whisperer) and the Nafs (Carnal Self) is enough for misguidance.

- The Devil goes to the elite people and nobody is born elite, rather, you become elite when you obtain the company of a Spiritual Guide. The Spiritual Guide takes the responsibility of your protection should the Devil try to attack you.

- Once the aspirant of Spirituality becomes successful in all the tests and God bestows his blessings and mercy upon the aspirant and grants them a lower rank of Sainthood, they no longer become susceptible to the Devil’s tricks. Therefore, only those are free from the shackles of the Devil who have managed to rid themselves of the Devil.

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