Monday, 9 April 2018

Raah-e-Salook Mein Shaadi Karni Chahiye Ya Nahen?

Younus AlGohar's comprehensive answer to a viewer's question:

What is the reason that Sufis would refrain from getting married when marriage is a custom of Prophet Mohammad?

Main points:

- There are many ranks among the Sufis. There are many Sufis who did not marry and there are many who married, had children and had their own businesses. Not all Sufis were the same. If a Sufi decided to remain celibate for the rest of his life, it is not a sin.

- Marriage is a custom of Prophet Mohammad, however, if you do not get married because you do not want to be distracted from the path of God then it is not a sin. Prophet Mohammad did not say you will lose your faith if you do not marry.

- If one person follows the custom of marriage but remains entangled in worldly matters and another person remains celibate and obtains faith then who is better off? There were many Sufis who obtained culmination of Spirituality, they obtained Divine Union and then they decided to get married and have children.

- Marriage is not the greatest custom of Prophet Mohammad. The greatest custom is to obtain God. Most Muslims only adopt the customs which they find enjoyable because they want to indulge in luxuries. Marriage is for those who desire to keep a companion and those who enjoy solitude should remain celibate. The Prophetic Tradition narrates that the celibate are better.

- There are some customs of the Prophet Mohammad without which you cannot become an Enlightened Believer (Momin) and some customs are suitable to adopt only after you have become an Enlightened Believer.

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