Friday, 17 May 2019

Allah Se Rabtay Ka Tareeqa

Younus AlGohar gives a brief history of the spiritual sciences and its application in this day and age.


- God has placed celestial and terrestrial spirits in the human body. The terrestrial spirits are used to form and maintain life in the body. Whereas the celestial spirits’ functions are ethereal - they communicate with God, love God and see God. God sent Adam the Eminent One with the Knowledge of Eminence, the spiritual sciences, which teaches a man how to communicate with him. Through this knowledge, man’s voice began to echo at the Empyrean of God. In the end, with the advent of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), God also sent the knowledge through which man could see him.

- The world has been inhabited for billions of years. Approximately 124 000 prophets were sent and 14 000 Adams in total. Before Adam the Eminent One - the Last Adam -God did not grant any of them the spiritual sciences; they could not communicate with God. All their worship would be purely physical. 6000 years ago, when God told the angels to make Adam’s body in paradise, the angels objected.

- It is mentioned in Koran 2:30 that they said, ‘O’ God, are you making Adam yet again? He will go into the world and cause mischief and bloodshed. And are we not enough to glorify you?’ This was because the angels had seen what previous Adams had already done in the world. However, Hadith-e-Qudsi states, ‘I was in the Hidden Treasure and I loved to be known. Therefore I created the universe.’ The very purpose of creation was so that the creation could recognise God. When the angels objected, God told them in Koran 2:31, ‘I am giving him the Knowledge of My Names (Alam ul Asma). If you have that knowledge, tell me.’ The angels replied in Koran 3:32, ‘How could we have the knowledge which you have not given us?’

- With the introduction of the spiritual sciences, God gave the prophets the names of his attributes (Sifati Ism). God sent the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) with his Personal Name (Zaati Ism). The Stage of Ehsan is that when you worship God, you also see God.

- The knowledge of divine secrets is granted to the Sirri when it is enlightened. Prophet Moses asked for more knowledge because his prophethood was linked to the Sirri. God told him to go to Khidr for that knowledge. The Khafi is the soul that accesses hidden powers. God sent Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) with the prophethood of Akhfah - the most obscure. Through Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), one could reach God. God sent every Grand Messenger with two types of knowledge: outer and inner knowledge. God transfers divine energy, knowledge and spiritual concentration internally - just like how you send emails to one another and cannot see it in transit.


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