Sunday, 5 May 2019

Jhoote Waliyon Ki Pehchan

Younus AlGohar explains how to recognise the false claimants of sainthood in light of the Koran and the actions of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

- As a Messenger, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) established the religion of Islam. However, as a prophet, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) introduced reformations in others’ religions such as Christianity and Judaism. Therefore, some verses of the Koran are addressed towards Muslims and some others are addressed to all.

‘O’ Devout Believers, many religious clerics and rabbis consume the wealth of human beings which they have no right to. And they become hurdles in the way to God.’ - Koran 9:34

- The Wahhabis try to turn this verse of the Koran towards the saints of God. However, this is in reference to the imposters among Christians and Jews. There is no concept of rabbis in Islam, so obviously, this is not for Muslim saints. The original meaning of the word ‘rabbi’ here means one who adopts hermitage.

- No religious cleric from among the Muslims, Christians and Jews can outright stop people on the path to God. In order to understand the false claimants of sainthood, you have to first recognise a true saint. There are 16 entities in the human body altogether - a true Spiritual Guide is one who revives them and strengthens them with divine energy so that they can reach their respective destinations and be unified with God. When a person pledges allegiance to a Spiritual Guide, he sells himself to the Spiritual Guide and now his Spiritual Guide has all rights upon his body. Now the Spiritual Guide can take all his physical wealth and be completely justified in doing so. In return, the Spiritual Guide takes the responsibility of the disciple’s souls.

- An imposter cannot take the disciples’ souls to God. People remain under the impression that the imposter can take them to God but the subtleties are wasted in the body. Therefore he renders them unable to reach God. The imposter becomes a murderer of all of the disciple’s 16 souls. When an imposter takes a pledge of allegiance from a disciple and then takes their physical wealth, he has no right to it. He does not have the spiritual power or authority to enlighten them and take them to God. This is what Koran 9:34 referred to. A false claimant of sainthood is a spiritual murderer. If he has 1000 disciples, he is a murderer of 16 000 souls.

- HDE Gohar Shahi is reviving the dormant humanity. He is restoring life in the hearts and souls that had wasted away and died. This is evidence that He is the awaited Imam Mehdi. Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is the giver of life to souls.


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