Friday, 17 May 2019

Hazoor (saw) Ne Shehad Kiyon Chhora?

Younus AlGohar explains the real reason Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) quit eating honey and why God revealed Koran 66:1.


    - Any Muslim who thinks that a Prophet can sin will lose his faith because all Prophets and Messengers are infallible. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is the leader of the Prophets, therefore we can't even imagine that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) could sin.

    - Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had more than one wife and he would spend an equal amount of time with all of them during the day. Every wife wanted him to spend extra time with her. One of the wives found out that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) really liked honey so she brought some. Whenever Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) would come to her, she would present the honey; therefore, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) would end up spending more time with her.

    - When the other wives realised what was happening, they went to Bibi Aisha for advice as to what to do. Bibi Aisha advised everyone, 'Tomorrow, when Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) comes to you, tell him that his breath stinks.' The next day, this is exactly what they all said. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) thought, 'I have just eaten honey. Perhaps they are smelling the honey on my breath.' When he came to know that they were all being affected, he declared, 'From this day forth, honey is forbidden for me.' Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had decided to quit honey simply because he didn't want to trouble anybody.

That was when God revealed this verse of the Koran, 'O' Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) when I have allowed something for you, why do you declare it to be forbidden just because of your wives?' - Koran 66:1

    - Here, God was reassuring Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) that he need not quit honey just because his wives claimed to dislike it - especially when it was God who allowed it. God was not implying that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had sinned in any way. God only interfered because everything Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) does becomes a Custom for his nation to copy - if he quit honey, his entire nation would be deprived of its benefits.


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