Thursday, 16 June 2016

Insaan Ki Azmat Ka Raaz!

It is said that human beings are the greatest of all creation, but how and why? What is it that we must do to unlock our potential as human beings, and is there a way to ascend from humanity to divinity?

Main points:

- God said, those who don’t do Dhikr (Invoke the name of God) are worse than the creatures on four legs. All these animals are God’s creation, but it is said that man is the greatest of all creation. What sets man apart from animals is the presence of the celestial spirits in him; if they are not enlightened, then he is no better than an animal. Man will become a human being when he realises his potential to become a human being; when he knows the source inside him that will make him a human being.

- A religious man whose religiosity does not include purification of his heart, purgation of his Self, clearance of his mind and enlightenment of his conscience, is worse than an animal. You are a human being not because you have two legs. You are a human being not because you have a pair of eyes. You are a human being not because you have a nose or a mouth or that you speak. You will be a human being when you have found union with God.

- One who has established connection to God is a human being; one who has seen him is a perfect human being. When you see God, this is when you become a true Momin (believer). Before that, when you are enlightened with the divine energy of his name, you are a Momin of his name, not him personally. Whoever God wants to make his friend, he puts in them Jussa-e-Taufiq-e-Ilahi or Tifle Noori. Then he says, ‘I will become his hands with which he holds things, the legs with which he walks.’ Now whoever troubles him, I will declare war on them.’

- Now, God has sent all his knowledge with his prophets and messengers. So what sort of knowledge will Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi bring? Now, you can become a Momin of Imam Mehdi (one in whose soul the sublime divine name, Ra Riaz, has entered). In the beginning, your soul will be given Ra Riaz; at the culmination, Aks-e-Riaz (The Reflection of Lord Ra Riaz) enters you and everything else in you leaves.

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