Sunday, 19 June 2016

Islam Mein Fitnay Par Qoum-e-Muslim Ka Inkaar

Younus AlGohar discusses how Islam has been made subject to mischief, and how pointing out this fact is not blasphemy of Islam.

Main points:

- Muslims’ attitude towards Islam is they can’t accept that it has been subject to mischief because they’ve been brainwashed to think it is so sublime. People don’t know why they need a religion. They need a religion to reach God, but because they don’t know this, they don’t realise that Islam doesn’t serve that purpose anymore. Muslims no longer have spiritual knowledge; they think they are meant to practise the religion to obtain paradise and save themselves from hell.

- Muslims think that to say Islam has been subject to mischief is blasphemy. They consider people who say this to be enemies of Islam. We are not against Islam. We know that out of every religion made by prophets, no other religion had as much spiritual knowledge as was given to Muslims through Prophet Mohammad. Prophet Mohammad was able to witness God’s splendour. Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi taught us that God’s saints can be from any religion; when we respect all religions, how can we blaspheme Islam?

- Prophet Mohammad said, ‘In the end times there will be 73 sects in Islam. Only those will be guided who follow my footsteps.’ This is spiritual terminology. Today’s Muslim wants to adopt all of Prophet Mohammad’s customs; the ones that he can’t adopt are removed from the books. One of the fundamental customs of Prophet Mohammad is presence of the heart. The Quran says Salat (prayer) is destruction for those who do not know its reality, who do not have presence of the heart.

- Most Muslims find it difficult to accept that we are living in the era of Imam Mehdi. However, God has sent his signs. God said, ‘Only those accept my signs who are Momin (true believers).

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