Friday, 22 July 2016

Dehshat Gardi Ki Buniyad – Taleemi Nuqat | Deradicalisation

Younus AlGohar discusses how people can be deradicalised, whether or not Islam needs reforms and the extinction of Islam according to Prophet Mohammad.

Main points:

- Truth be told, it impossible to deradicalise anybody. What we can do is to stop the youth from falling prey to radicalisation. After they are radicalised, they become too rigid in their beliefs to listen to anyone.

- By the time you are radicalised, reverting becomes a matter of Ego. As a radical, you will have done horrendous things which a sane person would not do; if you were to revert, you would no longer be able to justify your actions under the banner of religion.

- The best policy on radicalisation is to make sure that citizens of the country are well protected and they are provided with counter academic reasoning. Radicalisation is principally based on wrong interpretation of the Quran. In most cases, joining terrorist organisations has more to do with fulfilling individual desires than serving God.

- If somebody says that Islam needs reforms after the 1400 years since it was established, it means they do not know Islam. Islam already had a system of reformation in which reformers would come to renew the religion and fix whatever had been modified in it by people. A reformer would be sent every 100 years and a Grand Reformer would be sent every 1000 years. However, today Islam is beyond reformation and repair. It is the spiritual knowledge that would repair the religion and man; however today the spiritual system is no more in Islam.

- Prophet Mohammad predicted the demise of Islam. He said, 'Only the name Islam will remain; the rest will depart. Nothing will be left in the Quran for except it's customary recitation.'

- Today, Wahhabis have hijacked the religion. They have spread wrong interpretations of the Prophetic Traditions and verses of the Quran. For example, they have misused Prophetic Tradition that states, 'Do not establish graves,' as an excuse to destroy Sufi shrines and conspire to destroy Prophet Mohammad's own grave. They have also twisted the words of another Prophetic Tradition to declare Yazid bin Muawiya (the murderer of Prophet Mohammad's family) as paradise-bound.

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