Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Sharh Al Sadr Ki Haqiqat

Younus AlGohar, in response to a viewer-submitted question, explains what ‘Sharh al Sadr’ is.

Main points:
- According to the Quran, in order to become a true Muslim, one has to go through the process of Sharh al Sadr (Opening of the Breast). God explains when you become a true Muslim through the proper channels, as a result of Sharh al Sadr, you will obtain Noor (divine light) from God.

- The nation of Prophet Mohammad has been very fortunate in this regard. In the Quran, it is mentioned that Moses asked God for Sharh al Sadr, which means it had not been provided to him, even though he was a prophet and messenger of God. On the other hand, for Muslims, God set it as a standard that they must have Sharh al Sadr.

- It is really ironical to see how the religious scholars in Islam deviate the masses from hypothetical meaning of the Quran to the metaphorical meaning. Shahr al Sadr, the heart, faith - all these are taken metaphorically. They have destroyed people’s understanding of the religion.

- When you die, your soul ascends; the rest of your subtleties remain in the grave if they are unenlightened. There is hint of the importance of Sharh al Sadr in the Quran: the Quran says that only one who has Qalb-e-Saleem (A Secured, Enlightened Heart) will be successful on the Day of Judgement. It is further evident from God’s statement, where he said that all the souls of the breast shall be examined on the Day of Judgement as well. Only the enlightened subtleties will be present on the Day of Judgement.

- After the Day of Judgement, when your fate has been decided, the subtleties besides the human soul shall expire. However, the saints on whose subtleties divine theophanies have fallen, their subtleties will be present in their new bodies when they enter paradise.

- There are numerous verses from the Quran that illustrate why awakening the souls of the breast and (meaning Opening of the Breast) is vital to obtain faith from God. Those who cannot obtain it are doomed and destroyed according to the Quran.

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