Tuesday, 12 July 2016

RE: Deen Aur Duniya Ki Khushali Kesay Hasil Ki Jaye?

Younus AlGohar answers a question by Nadeem Anjum about how to balance their religious and material life. He explains that in this era, Islam has become extinct. He brings attention to the importance of seeking God, rather than religion.

Main points:

- The religion has become extinct but the question you should be asking yourself is, ‘Why would I need a religion? What is the purpose of practising a religion?’ What is it that a Muslim is not missing but a Christian is missing because he is not a Muslim?

- There are different passports: British, Canadian, Pakistani, etc. When Pakistanis obtained British or Canadian passports, their value in the world changed. They are able to travel the world. People are aware of why they prefer a British or Canadian passport rather than a Pakistani one.

- As a Muslim, you think you are the best because of the history of spiritual dignitaries in Islam. However, you were not able to obtain faith and become a part of the original Muslim nation that Prophet Mohammad certified.

- The point of following a religion was so that predestined paradise-bound souls could fulfil their destiny and predestined loving souls could reach God through the religion. When spirituality was part of the religion, the religion continued on. A laptop runs on electricity; if you throw away its charger port, it can’t be charged and it won’t work. Similarly, when spirituality, the knowledge that connects one to God, was removed from Islam, now there is nothing left.

- The question you should ask is, ‘How do I keep my worldly life prosperous and obtain God as well?’ For this, you need to awaken your heart with Dhikr of God’s name. You have a family and job; however the Qalb (spiritual heart) inside you doesn’t. Its job is to simply invoke upon God. When it is enlightened and awakened, you can continue working and living your life, and inside you God’s name will be repeated and divine energy will constantly be produced.

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