Wednesday, 6 September 2017

'Innad Deena Indal Laahil Islam' Ki Tashreeh | By Younus AlGohar

#AskYounusAlGohar - The Wahhabis use a Koranic verse to carry out their atrocities. Please give the true explanation of this verse.

The true explanation of Surah Al Imran [3:19] given by Younus AlGohar

Main Points:

- The religion of Islam was established for those whom the Koran was revealed for, this is correct. Christianity was established for the people among whom Jesus Christ arrived. And Judaism was established where Abraham and Moses arrived.

- If you think Islam was established for the entire world and the previous religions which were established and refurbished by the 124,000 prophets were incorrect, that is wrong. Each nation has a separate religion.

- The Koran also says if you believe in the Day of Judgement, God and has an enlightened heart then you are accepted by God, whether they are star-worshippers, Christians or Jews. This verse was also revealed by God. This is the condition in order to obtain salvation.

- Give importance to God, not the religion. God is greater than the religion. God is the destination, not the religion. All religions sent down by God are correct.

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