Sunday, 10 September 2017

Quran Suryani Aur Arabi Zuban Ka Majmua Hai | By Younus AlGohar

Younus AlGohar explains how although the Koran was revealed in Arabic, there are some words included that are from God's personal language: Suryani.

Main Points:

- The Koran was revealed in Arabic so that it was easier for people [of the region] to understand it. However, there are some words from Suryani mixed in. If the Koran was entirely in Arabic then the companions would not feel the need to ask Prophet Mohammad for an explanation.

- The Arabic grammar is different to the Suryani language. All the Kalima (Declaration of Faith) are in the Suryani language. In Suryani, the way of addressing either someone's being or name depends on how you say it.

- People do not know that there are some Suryani words in the Koran so they translate it as Arabic. Koran: Those whose hearts God opened for Islam. This is the incorrect transliteration as it creates confusion; what about those whose hearts God didn't open? This is actually referring to the Opening of the Spiritual Heart with God's name.

- The Disjointed Letters in the Koran are also from Suryani. For example: ALM, ALR, ALMR. In Suryani, there are many things which only require one letter. These letters are definitely not from Arabic because there's no translation for them in Arabic. Prophet Mohammad explained that each letter holds knowledge.

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