Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Ishtibah-e-Ishq Aur Tassarufaat-e-Imam Mehdi | By Younus AlGohar

Younus AlGohar explains the events that transpired when God desired to see himself and how the spiritual benevolence rendered by His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi connects one directly to God.

Main Points:

- If you wish to obtain Opening of the Spiritual Heart through Islam then there is a waiting line because you have to wait for the acceptance from God; in which there is no guarantee. However, if you are desperate and you want a sure fire guarantee then you must take the intermediary of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi.

- God wanted to see himself and all his beauty and granduer exited from him and appeared before him. When God saw his beauty he admired it so much that he danced in ecstasy 7 times and 7 Tifle Noorie were created with each movement. And these appeared on the left side of God. The first Tifle Noorie attached to God is of Prophet Mohammad and the second is Abdul Qadir Jilani's. These two are the most important.

- The intermediary of the Tifle Noorie have to do with the Divine Rope; one will have to climb the ladder of those with Tifle Noorie in order to be connected to God. This is because Prophet Mohammad and Abdul Qadir Jilani are the ones who possessed the key to the Personal Name of God. But how will one be directly connected to God without having to go through obstacles on the way?

- When Imam Mehdi arrived, the key to God's Personal Name was granted to Him. This is why it was said in the Koran that the Sun will rise from the West and the Original Reflection is on the right side of God which is the West. The Original Reflection that God saw and fell in love with is present within Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi and one who comes to the court of Gohar Shahi and obtain God's Personal Name reaches God directly, without obstacles and restraints.

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