Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Kiya Qadiani Kafir Hain? | By Younus AlGohar

#AskYounusAlGohar - Why do the other Muslim sects loathe the Ahmediyya sect? Are they better Muslims?

Younus AlGohar's explanation of a true Kafir (infidel) and what constitutes infidelity.

Main Points:

- Islam is split into two parts: acceptance and belief in God's Oneness, prophets and messengers and then you must also obtain the spiritual benevolence from it.

- How does one obtain spiritual benevolence? God created the Qalb (Spiritual Heart) in human beings so that they can love him. Once you declare the Kalima (declaration of faith) with your tongue, you must also bring its Divine Light into your heart.

- Muslims of every Islamic sect today declare the Kalima with their tongues, therefore, they are all Muslims. An infidel is one who rejects the truth of God. If you believe in God's Oneness and the prophets you are not an infidel.

- When it comes to obtaining the spiritual benevolence and Divine Light from the Kalima, all sects are on the same level: zero. They are all as dark as each other from within. None of them possess the Esoteric Knowledge.

- The sects hate each other on the basis of sectarianism. A prophetic tradition states: one must love and hate for God's sake. This only happens when God is in your heart; then you will love all those who also have God in them. Otherwise, it is the Devil within you that makes you hate and fight each other.

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