Thursday, 17 May 2018

Haqooq-e-Waldain Aur Rah-e-Salook | ALRA TV

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Younus AlGohar’s lecture about the rights of human beings on each other, how to fulfill the rights of family members as well as strangers and principles of Spirituality.

Main points:

- Everyone has rights. Of course, your family has rights over you but even common people have rights. For example, your neighbour. Prophet Mohammad declared, ‘It is impossible that you are my follower, an Enlightened Believer, and your neighbour sleeps with an empty stomach.’

- Nowadays, neither the parents nor the children are good, neither the husband nor the wife are on good terms and the reason for that is that people nowadays are not good. One becomes a good person when the Spiritual Heart and Carnal Self are purified. When your Spiritual Heart and Carnal Self are enlightened then you will be wonderful in every relation. A good man becomes a good brother and a good husband.

- How can the parents nowadays rear their children because they themselves have not been brought up well? How can the ones who are divided into 72 different sects and are distanced from God raise their children? Everyone is messed up today. Secondly, the religious people leave no stone unturned to use and abuse the religion. Mothers abuse the religion for her own gains.

- Of course, parents have their own ranks according to the religion, however, parents must remember that God and his messenger are greater than the parents, therefore, they must not interfere when it comes to God and his messenger.


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