Saturday, 5 May 2018

Is MUSIC HARAM in Islam?

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Younus AlGohar reveals why music is not prohibited in Islam and how music has the ability to both increase and decrease God’s love in one’s heart.

Main points:

- There is no direct prohibition regarding music in the Holy Koran from God or Prophet Mohammad. Just as there is no dispute that eating food or driving a car cannot be prohibited, similarly, music in and of itself is not prohibited. However, any act done for the wrong reasons becomes tarnished.

- In the era of Prophet Mohammad, dance was the cultural tradition of the Arabic nation, however, their practise was declared forbidden as they would make scantily clad women dance which would give rise to carnal desires and lustful emotions. The music was not prohibited, rather the obscenity involved.

- Poetry and music are not prohibited. If it were then the Holy Koran would not have been revealed in the form of a ballad nor would it be recited like a song. If the poetry mentions pure names like God’s, Prophet Mohammad and his household’s names then it generates Divine Energy and it is a means of earning blessings and benevolence.

- Music was a method used by Sufis to increase faith in the hearts of people and although it was not a part of the religion from the beginning, it was a good innovation.

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