Friday, 11 May 2018

Waliyon Ki Sohbat ALRA TV

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Younus AlGohar's comprehensive discourse on the different categories, ranks and qualifications of saints, and how keeping the company of certain saints can beautify every aspect of your life here and hereafter.

Main points:

- The common misperception is that every saint or Spiritual Dignitary will have equal powers and capabilities. However, there are many different categories of saints and different levels of sainthood.

- The sainthood of some saints is solely dependant upon their physical worship. They cannot afford to neglect any form of worship, nor can they afford to commit any sins. These saints are called 'Nasuti' (belonging to the phenomenal world), therefore, they can only pass on the benevolence of the world. Such saints have the lowest possible rank of sainthood. They tend to keep their distance from people for the fear of 'catching' sins.

- The saints who hold the grand sainthood are the ones who have become connected to God; they either have communications with God or they have seen God. Communication with God - the lower rank - happens through the Spiritual Heart. The saints who have seen God hold a higher rank. Such saints can only render the spiritual benevolence for that is their department.

- There are some saints who are constantly under a shower of the Divine Theophanies. A single moment spent in the company of such saints is greater than a hundred years spent in dry worship. A single moment in their company can burn away 7 Great Sins. Such saints are very occasionally blessed with the Ancient Droplet of God's Light which gives them the ability to change the course of one's fate, albeit with a quota attached.

- Upon the arrival of Imam Mehdi HDE Gohar Shahi, that Ancient Droplet of God's Light has become a torrential downpour and now it matters not what is written in your fate, whether it is the Predestined Fate or the Suspended Fate, for there is no limit or quota given to Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi.

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