Saturday, 19 May 2018

Roza Kiyon Rakha Jaata Hai? | ALRA TV

Ramadan Special bayan by world-renowned Sufi Scholar Younus AlGohar.

Main points:

- Ramadan has begun. People are now sending Ramadan Mubarak stickers to family members and friends on social media. The most pressing thing on the minds of people during Ramadan is the food, during Suhoor and Iftar. But that's not all Ramadan is about.

- Ramadan is not about refraining from food and drink for 12-18 hours and eating everything in sight when you break the fast. Ramadan is about Purification of the Carnal Self. Throughout the day you keep your stomach deprived of food and water and this is how you cut off the supply of Naar (negative energy) and you must recite the Koran so that the Noor (Divine Energy) of the Koran enters your heart.

- Fasting is a very important and delicate obligation set by God because through it you obtain a small amount of Taqwa (Piety). You obtain a flavour of Purification of the Carnal Self every year by God during Ramadan. You are supposed to go towards complete Purification of the Carnal Self but nobody thinks about that.

- Who among the seekers of God will be successful? According to the Koran, it is those who have managed to purify the Carnal Self. But the nation of Islam is unaware of how to go about purifying the Carnal Self. Purification of the Carnal Self used to take 12 years and then the process of Opening of the Spiritual Heart would begin. However, with the arrival of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, the mechanism has been reversed.

- It is now impossible for the Purification of the Carnal Self to take place without Opening of the Spiritual Heart. This is because the ratio of negative energy in this day and age has skyrocketed. Now, even if you abstain from food, just breathing alone makes you susceptible to thousands of esoteric sins and diseases as well as negative energy. This is why the physical worship will have no effect on your Carnal Self.

- In order to stop the supply of the constant negative energy, you must bring in a constant production of Divine Energy. For that, you must obtain Opening of the Spiritual Heart. Once God's name enters the heart, it will bring Divine Energy resulting in the gradual but guaranteed Purification of the Carnal Self.


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