Sunday, 3 June 2018

🔴 Baghair Bayt Ke Jahanumi? | ALRA TV

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Younus AlGohar’s answer to a viewer’s question: Are Muslims Hellbound Without Bayt?

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Main points:

- This is not the deciding factor of whether one enters hellfire that they died without Bayt (Pledge of Allegiance to a Spiritual Guide). A large number of people who have done Bayt will also enter hellfire. The authenticity of Bayt is also necessary; who has taken the Bayt? Which saint did you give Bayt to? Was the one you gave Bayt to actually a man of Allah or just a fraudster?

- If you find a man of Allah, then Bayt is not necessary. If he casts a single merciful, loving glance upon you and you look at him out of love then the job is done. Even without Bayt, if you simply see a man of Allah, and you look at each other with love, then it’s done. Entrance into paradise can be as simple as a man of Allah looking at you with love and you looking at him with love.

- If a man of Allah looks at you with love then everything is sorted. If he looks at you with love, he will transform you into a Momin (Enlightened Believer). And if you look at him with love you will also be rewarded for that on the Day of Judgement.

- This is the same thing as when Prophet Mohammad said, ‘Looking at the face of Ali is equivalent to worship.’ You are looking at [the man of Allah] out of love and you are being rewarded for it. Prophet Mohammad did not say this for any other companion.


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