Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Hayat un Nabi: Batni Ilm Ki Roshni Mein | ALRA TV

World-renowned Sufi scholar, Younus AlGohar sheds light on the recently highlighted topic of Hayat un Nabi and Zakir Naik on Bol TV by a panel of Muslim scholars to quash any doubts about the eternal life of Prophet Mohammad.

Main points:

- The introduction of Prophet Mohammad that the Koran presents has been done in a way that only the Bearer of the Koran can explain; in whose chest has been transferred the Koran that is stored in Prophet Mohammad’s chest.

- It is a great blasphemy to think Prophet Mohammad has died but those who lack or are unaware of spiritual knowledge cannot understand Prophet Mohammad’s teachings or the Koran.

- Life and death does not have anything to do with the body; it has to do with the soul. Death does not mean nothingness. It does not mean you have stopped existing. Death means it is time for your soul to return. This is for a common human being.

- The angels destroy the body after death because the subtleties and Terrestrial Spirits are removed from the body; the satanic creatures can enter a lifeless body and cause harm to God’s creation.

- During Prophet Mohammad’s lifetime he was constantly under the theophanies of God, which showered upon his body and his sub-spirits. As a result of which, his sub-spirits would multiply by 81 every single time. Therefore, the presence of Prophet Mohammad spread throughout the world.

- The Terrestrial Spirits of Prophet Mohammad were stored in his body until the arrival of Imam Mehdi (as); those same Terrestrial Spirits were used to form the body of Imam Mehdi. This is why it is said in the Prophetic Traditions that Imam Mehdi will be identical to Prophet Mohammad.


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