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New Video: How to Love God and the Esoteric Realms

Read the transcript of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech below. 

Knowing God
People who do not know God, who have a very superficial type of relationship with God, who are not in the depths and not actually seeking to be with God, they can never understand my point. However, those who are seeking the divine proximity, who are seeking nearness of God, why do they need to know everything about God? If you just want to worship God, your reliance is on your worship, your utmost endeavor is to perform rituals, satisfy your conscience and to find a place in paradise, then obviously you do not want to know everything about God. But those who are seeking to befriend God, those who are seeking to see God, they want to know a few things about God. For example, how do you know God? By seeing God I know God. By being in company of God, I know God. It's a very simple question and the answer is straightforward. I have seen God many more hundred times than you can imagine. I would like to furnish my argument with a practical example from day-to-day life. When you want to marry a woman, you want to know many things about that woman because you would be in a relationship – all sorts of relationships. By marrying somebody, you would be merging your family into their family. This is going to be a union of two families, a unification of two different values, two different cultures and two different temperaments. Many things are involved when you choose your partner. You want to know about your partner and when you know your partner has a different temperament than what you have, the culture is different and it is very unlikely that you can get along well with each other, then perhaps you would drop the idea of getting married with somebody of that kind.

I have had my problems and issues with the Holy Book. I am a very inquisitive mind. If I tell you, 'I need God, I want to see God, I want to be guided correctly,' and you tell me, 'This is Quran; read it and you will find guidance,' then, I will not just read Quran superficially. I will read and study and examine every word of the Quran because I am exploring different avenues that can lead me to see God. I did examine the Holy Quran, every word; I was surprised that one single notion from God has been presented by God with different meanings, with different shadows of the meaning. In one verse, it renders some meaning and in another verse, it renders altogether a different meaning. You cannot rest your heart on what God said now because after a few minutes, God will change his mind. I can never be confident with what he said in the first part - I am not going to rely on this - because in the second part, he will say the same word but it will mean something else. I exerted in the study of the Holy Scripture and I examined every word, but I did not find a single trace of God in the Holy Scriptures. Initially, when I met Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, my understanding was yet to be blessed, yet to be corrected and I didn't know anything. I was a confused mind; I didn't know what is right and what is wrong. I had lost the power of belief and I was not able to believe in anything which we can read about, which we can think about, but we can't touch, we can't feel it in our day-to-day real life. I barred myself from believing that this Quran is also a part of mythology from Greece. Although there was some kind of a revolt soaring up within me, however, I calmed myself down to a degree where you can hold your horses and say, 'Before you reach a decision yourself let's see what the Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has to say about it.' The first time I started to truly believe in God was the day I met His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi because everything HDE said about God was making sense. I could relate to it.

The Lord said, 'If you restrict the chanting of the name of God to your tongue and mouth only, this can be considered as a form of worship; however, you are not going to reap any spiritual benefits out of this practice and this is not going to help change your character.'

The moment I heard this, it really made sense and I realised why every single Muslim in this world is bad. I used to think people go to the mosque, people read the Quran, they do this and they do that, still you cannot see any faith in their hearts or goodness in their character. What they say and what they do has a huge, mammoth gap. They say one thing but they do another thing. There is no coordination between what they are saying and what they are doing. I was looking for an answer: 'Why there is a huge gap between what they say and what they do?' If you are a dishonest person and continue to worship, then you will continue to worship God and continue to be a dishonest person - this is what was boggling my mind. If somebody has become a very dedicated worshipper of God and at the same time is becoming rigid in his dishonesty, why his dishonesty has not been taken care of by the worship he is making in the mosque? But HDE Gohar Shahi said, 'If you say the name of God, no matter one time or one million times, in your mouth it is not going to help you. It is not going to render any benefits to you or your spirituality. God's name must enter your heart.'

HDE Gohar Shahi said, 'Your heart is like a divine machine. With this machine, you put in God's name and you reap God's Light from it.'
I never knew this. I was totally taken aback and I was feeling self-embarrassment because I was confused by God. The moment HDE said these words, I felt embarrassed: 'Why did I think negative of God?' The missing link was there in front of my eyes and the missing link was the knowledge of the heart. Without the knowledge of the heart, you can be a worshipper, you can walk like a religious man, you can talk and live like a religious man, but you will not feel like a religious man. You feel like a religious man when God's Light enters your heart, when the faculty of God's Light is activated. You think this tiny heart is a piece of flesh and it doesn't have any miraculous powers? It has some miraculous powers, however, you are not aware of it and you do not know how to activate your heart. The heart cannot be activated without a Godly-delegated Spiritual Guide: the one who has been delegated by God himself, who has been anointed and appointed by God to initiate hearts of his favourite ones that have been seeking his help. Every now and then, God hears voices of human beings: 'We want to see you and we want to love you, but we don't know the way.' So, he prepares a masterpiece, a Master of Spirituality, both by character and by Self (Ego).

By definition, a Spiritual Master is the true representation of God on earth.

A Spiritual Master is like a guarantor. When you go for a mortgage and your credit history is not strong, the bank asks for a guarantor. What is the use? If this man doesn't pay his mortgage on time, the guarantor will have to settle the balance. If you ask God to give you something and he doesn't, you go to the Spiritual Master and say, 'You are the guarantor to God. Give me what I want,' and he will definitely give it to you because he is on earth, he cannot hide from you. My friend, it is not easy to find God. Everybody says he has become a spiritual man, he has become a Spiritual Master and has studied the Holy Scriptures, etc. and that he knows everything. There are many thousands of people who know everything but they don't know themselves. What do you know if you don't know you? If I ask you, 'Do you know yourself?' and you say, 'No I don't know myself but I know everything,' this doesn't make sense. I was really confused, dismayed and I was really disappointed but then the moment of bliss came into my life; that moment of bliss came into my life and settled in my heart to make me eternally blissful. 

Knowing His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi is eternal bliss.

God is not here; you cannot even imagine where God is. How will you find him? I swear to God, you can never find God by reading books. No book has the power to take you to God. If books were able to give you anything, then you wouldn't go to universities and colleges; you would go to libraries. Books are a help, for memorandum, nothing else. You cannot find God physically. Has anybody in any religion seen God sitting in their worship place? The Jews haven't seen him sitting in the synagogue. The Hindus, although there are so many idols sitting in the temple, they are just a representative of God. They are not God themselves. Hindus do not think these idols are their God. They truly believe that these idols are the representatives of God. They cannot be God; they make these idols themselves, how can they be their Lord? So the Jews have not seen God sitting in their synagogue no matter how favourite of God they are. They are the favourite nation of God, still God didn't bother to jump into their synagogue. Christians are the nation of God's Son; still God didn't show up in any church. Muslims are the nation of God's Beloved, but have you ever seen God sitting in a mosque? Practically speaking, God can never appreciate the company of a Mullah (cleric); even if he wanted to come and sit in a mosque, he wouldn't do it. Maybe when the mosques were empty - because he doesn't like faces with big ugly beards and fat stomachs. God said, 'I am beautiful and I like beauty.'(Muslim 131)

If God was to come in this world, you would probably see him with people who are singing and dancing, because God loves music and dance. Muslims may not agree, but who on Earth cares? God is in love with music. Quran is all in rhyme and the divine melody he gave to David - doesn't it remind you that God loves music?

One day, HDE Gohar Shahi said, 'When God wanted to know how does he look, a thought crossed Gods mind: "I have never seen myself.  How do I look?" As soon as the thought crossed his mind, a reflection of God appeared before him so that he could see himself. When he saw himself, you know what he did? He danced and his dance was full of thrill!'

God was ecstatically thrilled with the overwhelming feelings of how beautiful he is. I don't think he believed himself to some degree. He didn't expect to be that beautiful, but when he truly saw his face, he had no other choice but to believe he was so beautiful. The dance of utter beauty, a dance which is motivated by self-beauty; he danced. When his reflection appeared before him, that reflection is in the body of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. When he saw his reflection, he got crazy about himself. When he saw his own reflection, he realised, 'Why didn't I look at myself before?' He was so emotionally charged up. He couldn't control his emotions and the moment he saw himself and witnessed his own beauty, he started to ecstatically dance. So to dance is divine and to sing is divine.

When he wanted to see himself, a reflection of him appeared before him and Imam Mehdi/Messiah/Kalki Avatar Gohar Shahi has that reflection in his body; therefore, the Station of Divine Love is HDE Gohar Shahi. The source of divine love on Earth is HDE Gohar Shahi. When God thought about it, how beautiful he is, a reflection of God - for the purpose of understanding it correctly, I can say, an image of God appeared before him.

That image of God was placed in the body of the Imam Mehdi/Messiah/Kalki Avatar, hence was anointed at the source of divine love on Earth; the ultimate and most accomplished representation of God in the form of Imam Mehdi/Messiah/Kalki Avatar Gohar Shahi.

In a similar way, when God wants to love somebody, a tiny, little image of him must enter your heart. As soon as that tiny, little image of God enters your heart, that image of God in your heart will love you and you will love it; this is divine love. What is divine love? When you are spiritually prepared and all your souls are enlightened and taught - given they have been given the respective knowledge which was required for them to be given - then the Spiritual Guide will take you to a place in the Esoteric World. A tiny, little image of God will enter into your heart and that image of God will stay there forever in your heart. You close your eyes and you see God in your heart; you talk to him and you feel him. When you hug your children and put them against your chest, don't you feel the warmth of love? What if God is inside your chest? Your children are outside your chest and you feel the warmth of love; how strongly will you feel his love when his image is inside your heart? Once the image of God has entered your heart, then according to God's Law, God will look at your heart at least 360 times every day. Whenever God will look at your heart, a quantity of Divine Light will also fall upon you like a shower and whoever is sitting next to you will also be blessed. They will begin to love God also. This is God's love.

We initiate hearts and implant God's name in the heart. When God's name has generated enough Divine Light in your heart and you are ready for God to be presented before him, then God's image will enter your heart. Then you will be granted Divine Love and then you are a friend of God. When you have been appointed as a friend of God, then God said, 'For my friends, there is no fear in them.' God's friends are afraid of none.

So when all your souls are enlightened, your Spiritual Guide will take you to a place in the Spiritual Realm; you will see God and then his image will enter your heart. The body and the souls have to be prepared for God by enlightening them and strengthening them. Whence they are ready, then according to God's Law, one has to appear at the Station of Mehmud. There he sees God and there the image of God enters into his heart.

Can HDE Gohar Shahi make somebody see God in a minute? The answer is: yes, HDE Gohar Shahi has power and authority to bring God into anybody's heart, anytime. But the only problem is, are you capable of housing God in your heart? Is your heart powerful and strong enough to forebear the majesty of his essence? No. People spend 40 years in jungles and even then they are not ready. HDE Gohar Shahi has authority and power and HDE Gohar Shahi can skip all the other procedures of initiating the hearts and souls and He can directly bring God in your heart, but is your heart capable enough to forebear the pain of majesty? How strong and how live is God's image? HDE Gohar Shahi can do it in a second, however, whether or not you are going to live after that is totally your choice - because it is not possible to accommodate God. Your heart is not spiritually healthy enough or powerful enough. If you want to understand what I mean, you can look at the moon for any number of minutes with ease and comfort, but can you look at the sun with ease and comfort for too long?

The heat of the sun will dazzle your eyes and the heat of the sun will trouble your eyes; your eyes cannot forebear the heat of the sun. In a similar way, God is the ultimate source of light, like the sun. Your heart has to be made worthy of forbearance and spiritual patience and it must be approved by God.

The intensity of God's Light can kill you instantly; this is why God has prescribed the initiation of God's name. When your heart is initiated, first God's name is synchronised and its light starts to sink into your heart, and your heart is introduced to Divine Light for the first time. Then you continue to produce light in your heart and you develop the spiritual adaptation, forbearance and power to absorb God's Light. When you are able to absorb the light of God's name, all your souls and you heart is enlightened, you have gone through really intensive austerity and purgation and now you are able to forebear the heat of God's presence, it is so overwhelming. Even after 40 years of hard work by some individuals, when finally they went to see God, the heat of God's presence was so much that it killed their Latifa-e-Ana and they became Majzoob (they lost their intellect). Even individuals who practised spirituality for 30-40 years, God's presence is so strong and the heat of God's presence is so strong. Your heart has to be familiarised with that heat. How do you develop that heat? When you keep company of your Spiritual Guide, the divine heat emanates from his body and bit by bit you are getting used to that spiritual heat. Like a slow process, very slow process; but bit by bit, the divine heat emanates from the sight, from the touch, from the company of a Spiritual Guide. When the Spiritual Guide thinks you are ready and you can forebear the Majestic Heat, then he takes you. HDE Gohar Shahi can bring God's image in your heart in one second, however your heart must be ready for it. Even the bloodstream has to transform into Divine Light. When God's name has entered your heart and it has started producing Divine Light, a time will come when, in your body, the entire blood will be mixed with Divine Light and your body, your flesh and your blood will become purified.

The Esoteric Realms
There are seven Realms. In order to understand what is a realm, the world that we are living in where we have the planets Earth, Sun, Moon, Mars Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, and other planets; this entire solar system is one realm, including all these planets. All these planets are floating for except the Earth. This is one solar system, one realm. This realm that we are living in today is called Nasout and the entire solar system is in the Realm of Nasout.

After this is another realm which is called Malakout. Even according to Kabbalah, it is called Malakout. Malakout has been derived from, 'malak,' and malak means 'angels'. This Realm of Malakout - don't think it's any smaller than this solar system. In this Realm of Malakout, there are seven paradises. People don't know too much about paradise, but each paradise is like a planet, like Planet Earth. There are seven planets there; they are paradises and good people will live there. Now, I tell you what is familiar between this realm and Malakout. When God decided to send the souls down on Earth, do not think our planet Earth is the only planet where human beings were inhabited. Initially, God sent human beings to seven different planets in this solar system. The Moon was once inhabited by human beings, but there are no more human beings on the Moon anymore. Their time is done; they have gone back to the place where all souls go. Mars also has human beings.

Our scientists, from time to time, say they have found traces of water etc. But I want to tell you that they can never touch their foot on Mars. They were able to go on the Moon because the speed of the moon is only 600 MPH and it is very easy to enter into its orbit because the speed is so slow. So the speed of the orbit will be less than that, its obvious. But the speed of Mars is very fast: at least 2000 MPH; in a similar way, the orbit that is around Mars has to be in accordance with the speed of the mass of Mars. There is an orbit around Mars they cannot enter. If they try to enter into the orbit of Mars, there will be a huge explosion and anything that would be travelling in would burn into ashes within seconds. They think it's a red planet. It's not a red planet. It's the same as Earth, only different oxygen. Our earth is not the only planet where human beings live; they were inhabited in seven different planets including Mars, Moon, the Sun, Jupiter, etc. Seven planets were inhabited by human beings in this solar system and there are seven planets in the Realm of Malakout for good people and seven planets for bad people. Here, good and bad people are all living together. Good and bad living together; this is why we don't get along well with each other. But God is clever. He said, 'In the Realm of Malakout, no messing about; seven planets for good people and seven planets for bad people.'

After the Realm of Malakout is the Realm of Jabrout (the bridge). Now, this Realm of Jabrout needs a bit of explanation. There are six realms and three of them are on God's side and three of them are on our side. There is a gap in between, which divides divinity from humanity. Three realms on God's side and all these three realms belong to God. It's like a building which has seven floors. You are on one floor and then there are three floors; in the middle, for example, there is a car park and then there are three floors on top of the car park. The floors above the car park belong to God and below the car park, the three floors belong to you. This is the area in which the creation lives, God's creation. Now, from this side of humanity, Nasout, Malakout and then Jabrout - Jabrout is the last realm and after Jabrout, there is nothing but a divine vacuum, Line of Nothingness. However, there is a Leader of Malaika (Archangels), his name is Gabriel. He fills the gap in between those realms. He fills the gap created by nothingness. If he is not there, your prayer and your chanting cannot reach God because there is a gap. So he is always there. But there is a Sufi called Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani; when he was appointed by God, one of his souls was appointed to stay in that gap. Then, Gabriel had to remove himself from there. This is how his (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani) rank in spirituality was above the rest of the saints.

Then came Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. Now, the vacuum of nothingness is filled by the presence of HDE Gohar Shahi.

Even if you say, 'Gohar, Gohar, Gohar,' it is still going to God and God is happy. This Realm of Jabrout is like a joinder; it joins the Realms of Humanity to the Realms of Divinity. This Realm of Jabrout is actually our birthplace. This is where our souls were created by God. This is where we lived. We don't belong here. We are immigrants - like in Canada, everybody is an immigrant and [nearly] nobody is a native. So, our native land is the Realm of Jabrout. In this Realm of Jabrout, God built a worship place for all the souls and that worship place in Jabrout is called Bait al Mamour. When your soul is enlightened, it leaves your body and it has to go into the Realm of Jabrout and worship there. This is the right place to worship for your soul. If you manage to worship there with your soul, then you become a friend of God. If you manage to visit that place with your soul, then you become a friend of God. Now the beauty of this worship place is, although you will not see God, but when you worship there, God will reply and you will hear the voice of God. This is the worship place where you will receive an answer of your prayers from God and you will hear it. In this worship place, he is always talking to somebody. Some people just visit and listen to God's voice. God's voice is so beautiful and when you hear God's voice, you feel ecstatic. So people who have enlightened souls, they establish meditation and in that meditation, your souls will leave this world and will arrive at the Station of Jabrout. This is the place where you will hear God's voice.

Sometimes, when the Lord comes and the Lord is sitting with me, the Lord asks me to take the souls to the Realm of Jabrout. Many times we have taken the souls of people to the Realm of Jabrout.

Now, the gap between the realms is between the Realm of Jabrout and the Realm of Ankabut; there is no sky on top of that gap between Jabrout and Ankabut. The bridge is the Sub-Spirit of HDE Gohar Shahi. It used to be Gabriel. When 'Allah Hu,' reaches the Sub-Spirit of HDE Gohar Shahi it turns into 'Ya Gohar.' The Realm of Ankabut is a different realm and it is not a part of Jabrout.

As far as life on other planets is concerned, maybe God decided not to bless them with the knowledge of the heart; otherwise, had God wanted to give them eminence, their final day wouldn't have hit the planet of the Moon before the arrival of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi.

The advent of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is the Meraaj (culmination) of humanity. 

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