Thursday, 8 May 2014

Sheikh Nazim Al Haqqani of Cyprus Passes Away

Sheikh Nazim Al Haqqani of Cyprus has passed away. May God rest his soul in peace, amen. We are sad for his passing and also for the fact that he didn’t manage to reveal the identity of the Awaited Imam Mehdi. He promised he would reveal the identity of Imam Mehdi. God showed him signs of the Awaited One and gestures in dreams of the Awaited One; however, for some unknown reasons, he kept quiet and didn’t make it known to his discipleship and others. Now some of his followers are guessing that a son of Sheikh Nazim is the Awaited Imam Mehdi. This is sheer ignorance and it indicates the fact that they are not connected to God and know nothing about esoteric knowledge and realm of knowledge.

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