Friday, 16 May 2014

RE: Christian in Sudan sentenced to death for faith; 'I'm just praying,' husband says

This is an excerpt from His Holiness Younus AlGohar's reply to an article posted by CNN. 

If leaving a religion was a crime and the punishment for this was death, then how did people leave Christianity and accept Islam? If a law is from God, it is for all religions. If leaving Islam and becoming a Christian is a crime, then why leaving Christianity to become a Muslim is OKAY?

From Adam Safi Allah to Ibrahim Khalil Allah, from Ibrahim to Musa Kalim Allah, from Musa to Isa Rouh Allah and from Isa to Muhammad Rasool Allah - all the messengers and all the prophets were sent by God and the scriptures which were revealed unto them are God's word. Whether it is the Old Testament, whether it is New Testament. Whether it is the Quran, whether it is Bible, all messengers were from God, all books were from God.

When you propagate your religion in the western world, in Africa, in other parts of the world and people accept Islam and they become Muslim, you are very happy. But if some Muslim wants to become a Christian, you do not allow it.

Those who from Islam adopt Christianity, you declare them with the punishment of the death penalty. They must be killed. We want to see whether this is what Islam teaches or is it a thought developed by Muslims themselves without the involvement of any indication from the Prophet Muhammad or from God.

What if the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Europe, New Zealand, Australia - what if all these countries legislate a law according to which no Christian can become Muslim and if somebody becomes Muslim, they will be awarded capital punishment? What would be the reaction of Muslims? They would say, 'Oh, look at them. They are enemies of Islam!'

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