Saturday, 3 December 2016

Kiya Aaj Ka Musalman Momin Nahen?

Younus AlGohar answers a question from a viewer, who was wondering how one can ensure their Salat (a form of prayer in Islam) is accepted by God.

Main points:

- The most important thing to ensure your Salat is accepted by God is the presence and enlightenment of the spiritual heart. No matter what style you read Salat in, if your heart is not present in it, then God won’t accept it.  The problem with Muslims today is that neither their eyes nor their hearts are purified.

- There was a time when Muslims were the most powerful in the world. Quran said, ‘You will be dominant in the world as long as you are Momin (a true believer).’ Muslims today rely on their scholars to tell them what the Quran means, but they should take personal responsibility. They should read the Quran for themselves, and understand it without depending on Islamic scholars. Look at what the Quran says and look at the state of Muslims today. The condition for Muslims to be dominant in the world is that they be Momin. Today they’re in the current state because they are no longer Momin.

- In Prophet Mohammad’s era, he defeated 1000 enemies with a force of 313 people; they were able to do this because they were Momin. In this era, there is no brotherhood amongst Muslim countries. The Muslim of today has nothing to do with Islam and God. It is just like how a husband and wife are once they are divorced. They left God and God left them.

- The foremost thing to do as a Muslim is to become a Momin. Momin is one in whose heart the Kalima (Declaration of Faith) can be heard. To become a Momin, God’s name enters your spiritual heart. Your heart becomes engaged in remembrance of God. Noor (divine energy) is produced from this practice and then that Noor spreads throughout your body; it makes your body obedient to it. Then you will become obedient to God and become a Momin. If you are not a Momin, you have Satan in you.

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