Saturday, 3 December 2016

Kiya Insanon Ki Aksariyat Jahanum Ke Liye?

Younus AlGohar answers a question asked by a viewer, who wanted to know why so many people seem to live meaningless lives.

Main points:

- It is written in the Quran that God made a majority of human beings and Jinns for hellfire. Therefore when the majority of people come in this world, they do things that will take them closer to their destiny.

- For the people God made for hell, he said that they have hearts but they do not understand and that they have eyes but they cannot see. He said they have ears but they cannot hear. God said they are those who are more misguided than animals. They are the Ghafileen (Heedless Ones). This is in reference to the fact that their spiritual heart and other subtleties are not enlightened or awakened. They are those in whose spiritual subtleties Noor (divine energy) does not enter.

- If the world declares someone to be a Momin (true believer), but God didn't make him a Momin, then that person cannot be a Momin. It has already been decided by God who is a Momin and who is hell-bound. This doesn't change.

- It is not possible that God made someone for a purpose, and they die without fulfilling that purpose. That purpose may not be something you consider to be valid, but God has a long list of purposes he can designate human beings for.

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