Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Lataif Aur Un Ke Maqasid

Younus AlGohar answers a viewer's question about the spiritual subtleties in the human body.

Main points:

- There are seven spiritual subtleties in the human body. Five are located in the breast and there is also one in the head - all these spirits are related to the higher realms. The soul in the head, Ana, has the potential to witness the divine splendour.

- You cannot see God with your physical eyes, but the Ana can see God. The Ana is revived with the Dhikr of 'Ya Hu'. There are three veils upon the Ana. The final veil ruptures only when, with the help of the spiritual guide, the Ana makes a combined spiritual journey with the soul to see God.

- When the Ana is face-to-face with God, another veil is put upon it: the Rabbani Veil. This happens when the image of God comes upon the Ana; in that moment the seeker doesn't recognise anyone else besides God. He doesn't even recognise himself. People who got stuck at this stage were the ones who said, 'Ana al Haq (I am God).'

- When the Ana sees God, the image of him dominates the Ana. From there, God’s image enters the eyes. From the eyes it comes upon the spiritual heart (Qalb). This is a lengthy procedure. Until this procedure is complete, the seeker remains under the influence of Rabbani Veil. When the image of God is settled in the spiritual heart, then the seeker is no longer under the effects of the Rabbani Veil.

- There is another subtlety located at the naval point: the Nafs (Carnal Self). It is a satanic Jinn. To purify the Nafs, saints had to go through austerity and struggle.
To learn more about the different spiritual subtleties and their functions, read The Religion of God (Divine Love) by HDE Gohar Shahi.

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