Saturday, 10 December 2016

Waqaya Karbala Mein Mohabbat Ki Zakat

A viewer asked, 'What reward will Imam Hussain get for sacrificing himself during the incident of Karbala?' Younus AlGohar answered and explained that the way the question is worded is incorrect.

Main points:

- God loved the grandsons of Prophet Mohammad, Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain. When Imam Hussain became a martyr he did so under God's will.

- The incident of Karbala was not a test for Imam Hussain; it was a test for Prophet Mohammad, who loved him so intensely that even God took notice. This incident was Zakat of the love God granted to Prophet Mohammad.

- We cannot comment on the spiritual status of Imam Hussain, who grew up in the care of Prophet Mohammad. He was a very determined man. His martyrdom was not a sacrifice, because sacrifice is taken from those who are being tested by God. He was already in nearness and love of Prophet Mohammad, therefore he did not have to struggle in regards to faith.

- Younus AlGohar met Imam Hussain and Prophet Mohammad. Imam Hussain explained that while he was in Karbala, Prophet Mohammad came and removed the Nisbat-e-Adam from his heart, due to which he no longer had emotions for his wife and children. Then he said that what was left was an overwhelming need to somehow please Prophet Mohammad. Imam Hussain is extremely handsome due to the fact that Prophet Mohammad looked at him with love for so many years.

To learn more about the different spiritual subtleties and their functions, read The Religion of God (Divine Love) by HDE Gohar Shahi.

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