Thursday, 15 August 2019

Firqawariat Ki Asal Wajah

The corruption of the heart is the true cause of sectarianism. Younus AlGohar explains how in this must-watch video.


There are 7 parts of the Koran. 1 part is to be found in the physical Koran whereas the other 6 parts are stored in the hearts of saints. We grant the benevolence of the remaining 6 parts of the Koran.

Sectarianism is due to people failing to understand religion. 'Fiqh' means 'understanding'. 'Taufiq Billah' means that God grants us the understanding of religion. As per the Koran, God grants guidance to the hearts. You have to enlighten your heart to understand religion.

When people read the Koran without enlightening their hearts first, they diversified into different sects: Wahhabism, Shiism, Sunnism, etc. The real reason for sectarianism is impurity of the heart.

Any word that you utter first travels from your mind to your heart, then to your Sirri and Akhfah before it is said by the tongue.

If someone has negative energy in their heart, Sirri and Akhfah then that negative energy will be added to their words before they utter them. Their words then cause mischief. This is what happens when many religious clerics speak - they speak about the Koran but they cause divisions because of the negative energy in them.

If someone enlightens their subtleties and speaks about the Koran, then their words have divine energy in them. Such a person is known as an Alim-e-Haq (True Divine Scholar). They unite people.


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