Monday, 26 August 2019

Jannati aur Jahanumi Ki Pehchan


How do you recognise if someone is paradise-bound or not?


'I created the majority of human beings and Jinns for hellfire. They have hearts that lack [spiritual] understanding and eyes that do not have [the spiritual] vision. They are like animals. In fact, they are even more misguided than animals. Verily, they are the Heedless Ones (Ghafileen). ' - Koran 7:179

In other words, their subtleties do not have spiritual functions. Their subtleties are senseless. The souls and Jinns created for hellfire are created with the same substance: anger and fire.

'We want to worship you and that will only be possible with your help. Show us the Straight Path (Sirat ul Mustaqeem), the path of those you have granted your bounty. Not the path of those created with your anger.' - Koran 1:1-7

The Prophets, Messengers, saints and Sauliheen have been trained by God to teach people how to worship him with their souls and remove the veils off people's souls.

God is angry with those created with his anger - the souls who will go to hellfire. He is not angry with anyone else. Their hearts cannot be revived with the Activation of the Spiritual Heart (Dhikr-e-Qalb). God's mercy upon you is demonstrated by him allowing your heart to say his name.

'Whoever obtains Shahr-e-Sadr (Opening of the Chest) for Islam, he shall be upon the light from his Lord. And woe and destruction upon those whose hearts are too hard to absorb the [name of] God, they are in open misguidance.' - Koran 39:22

Those who perform all physical worship but God's name doesn't enter their hearts are undoubtedly misguided.

'They remember God while standing, sitting and tossing and turning [in their beds].' - Koran 3:191

'On the Day of Judgement, only he shall be successful who brings with him a Qalb-e-Saleem (Secured Heart).' - Koran 26:88--89

'And whoever believes in God, God will guide his heart.'- Koran 64:11

'God has written faith on their hearts.' - Koran 58:22

God finds pretexts to grant salvation to those who are predestined for paradise. For example, he will send people to paradise just because they gave food or water to a saint.

Imam Mehdi His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi is granting humanity permission for Dhikr-e-Qalb (Activation of the Spiritual Heart). Dhikr-e-Qalb is evidence of success and guidance. Right now only HDE Gohar Shahi has the power to revive hearts.


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