Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Khannas: Waswason Ki Haqiqat


A viewer asked Younus AlGohar, 'How do we free ourselves of the Khannas (Evil Whisperer)?'


- The Evil Whisperer sits two inches below the heart. It resembles an elephant and its trunk is attached to the heart. It is through the trunk that it is always dispensing evil whispers in the heart.

- When the heart is awakened and divine energy is being produced therein, the divine energy starts to negate the evil whispers.

- The Evil Whisperer does not get purified. The Evil Whisperer cannot stand the heat of divine energy. To get rid of it, you have to enlighten your heart and all other souls in the breast so that there is an abundance of divine energy in the chest. The Evil Whisperer will then leave the body and run away.

- Koran 114:1-4 only mentions a single Evil Whisperer. However, today, many people have multiple Evil Whisperers in their chest. Some people have two, three, four, ten or even twenty surrounding their hearts. When you lack divine energy in your chest, any Evil Whisperer can come and take up residence there because you are not protected.

- When the Evil Whisperer leaves your body, your heart becomes attacked via a spiritual rope to your Spiritual Guide. That rope dispenses divine energy from the Spiritual Guide and it is known as 'Neeyat'.


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